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Zone Valves That Use ProPress?!


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Anyone who has ever sweat a valve has done this at least once: everything is going smoothly, the valve sweats in just fine, you go to test it by closing it and the valve fails. Well, what do we do? Remove it, take a look inside, and see that we held the flame too long and melted the internals.


We’ve all been there, and it often feels like walking a fine line to get it right. Luckily, Honeywell is making our lives easier with ProPress Zone Valves. What is ProPress? It’s a fantastic solderless copper connection; instead of traditional sweating and all the equipment that comes with it, ProPress uses a special connection and a tool designed to compress O-ring inserts at the ends of the fittings. This method of connection creates a long lasting watertight seal. The ProPress connection can save an immense amount of time and effort, but is typically more expensive than regular copper sweat. It all comes down to what is referred to as “Cost-Equity vs. Sweat Equity” or what is worth more to you: the cost or your time.


As far as zone valves go, sweating them can be tricky and very often precarious. Zone valves have numerous plastic pieces and wires coming out of them. While you can perhaps remove and reassemble, or simply move such interferences out of the way, it’s not always convenient. Tight spaces abound in the world of plumbing and we won’t always have an easy way to move wires or remove the zone valve motor. Honeywell’s new ProPress zone valves eliminate any of the worry that comes with sweating near plastic and wires. The connection is quick, easy, and done in a matter of seconds with no leak results.


While not for everyone, it’s worth it to check out a ProPress tool at least once to see if for you, this tool is worth the price. You can buy the one pictured above here


For Propress Zone Valve, Propress Tools and Fittings or any other HVAC, plumbing, or heating products, go to  When you want the right product at the right price shipped right to your door, there’s no better place.


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