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SupplyHouse introduces you to Plumbshop, a Brasscraft backed brand that offers quality products at a great value for the budget-conscious professional.  The brand features water stop valves, water supply connectors, and gas supply connectors in a variety of sizes and configurations for a wide range of household applications.


The Plumbshop line of water stop valves is purposed to control water flow within household fixtures.  They are forged with a brass body and chrome plated finish for corrosion resistance, and compatible with copper, PEX and CPVC.  Additionally, they have a ¼ turn ball stop, offering an easier on/off operation with a simple turn of the handle, no freeze-ups.  Available in a variety of configurations for different applications, they are a simple, practical and affordable option for water supply installation.


Plumbshop’s connectors for faucets, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and ice makers are made with PVC inner tubing and a braided stainless-steel exterior, a chrome plated nut and a rubber seal.  The braided steel is designed for optimizing flexibility without kinking and crimping.  Plus, the stainless steel gives a slick and clean look to the installation, while providing maximum durability.  They come in different lengths and connection types and sizes to adjust to various applications.


Plumbshop gas connectors are offered in a variety of lengths and connection types as well.  Like the water supply connectors, they have a stainless-steel exterior, but corrugated for maneuverability and clearcoat-protected for extra sturdiness.  Nothing will go in, nor get out – They are 100% leak tested and protected from corrosion caused by most household chemicals.  Designed for use with natural, manufactured, mixed, and liquefied petroleum (LP or propane) gases and LP gas-air mixtures, both indoor and outdoor, these gas connectors are a perfect solution for high demand gas ranges, dryers, furnaces, and tankless water heaters.


All Plumbshop products are IAPMO certified and CSA certified, as well as lead free.  Additionally, they are quality tested and backed by Brasscraft Manufacturing Company.  They are strong, safe, durable and affordable – because why not have it all?


Find Plumbshop along with all of your plumbing, heating, and HVAC needs at


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