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What Does Your Uniform Say About You?

Nick B

You are what you wear.  There are certainly people who believe that (mostly people in the fashion industry) and there is some truth there, but how much?  Can you really judge a book by its cover and tell what kind of plumber a person is just by what they are wearing?  That can’t be true, take me for example: the stereotypical blogger is wearing pajamas and a Snuggie while I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans!  (My boss said no to the Snuggie very early on.)  Well why don’t you tell us if the clothes actually do make the plumber and watch the video below.



Regardless of what you wear you are going to need plumbing, heating, and HVAC tools and products to get the job done and there’s no better place to find them than  We also have a vast Video Library full of funny and informative videos, so check those out too.

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