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Warm Up Your Life with Heated Floors


Everyone knows that feeling when you step out of the shower and you immediately get cold. Well, everyone except for those lucky ones with heated floors. Radiant floor heating, or underfloor heating as it’s also called, are the technical terms for floors that have a heating system installed beneath the surface. Especially in colder months or colder areas, this addition to your home can add not only warmth, but a lot of extra comfort.


These systems work by transferring heat through the floors using tubes of hot water (hydronic floor heating) or electrical cables. Once installed according to a precise pattern that ensures even heat distribution, the temperature is usually then controlled by a thermostat.


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Heated floor in bathroom

Most homeowners opt to heat a single room, or even two, rather than their whole house, typically choosing the bathroom, mudroom, or basement. These are especially good choices because they usually contain tile or concrete, the best conductors of heat via this method, aside from being easy to clean and withstanding the high temperatures the best. Additionally, even after you turn the heat off, floors with a tile or concrete base will retain the heat and continue to heat the room longer, using less energy.


While heated floors are completely a personal preference, a little can go a long way here. With a relatively small upfront cost, the added comfort you will receive is usually worth the investment. If you are usually a cold person, then the joy of having a warmed floor when you step out of the shower can bring a lot of extra happiness to your day.


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5 Responses to Warm Up Your Life with Heated Floors

  1. Blaise Johnson says:

    I’d like to get a price on the electric heating for the floors

  2. I agree that having in floor heating could be a really good choice for your bathroom, mudroom, or basement. I’ve been wanting to install some heated floors in my bathroom and basement cause it gets particularly chilly in the winter. It’s really helpful to hear that they are worth it and provide a great level of comfort.

  3. Brad Erwin says:

    I liked it when you explained how the radiant floor heating systems work either by using hot water or electrical cables. In the past, I have always dreaded standing on tile flooring in the morning because I live in a really cold area and our tile cools down significantly overnight. My wife and I will definitely look into getting a radiant floor heating system installed so that it isn’t as hard to walk around in the morning.

  4. Ellie Davis says:

    It’s interesting to know that heated floors will have a relatively small upfront cost for you. My husband and I are thinking about installing heated floors in our house, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of heated floors to help his decision.

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