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Trunk & Branch and Home-Run Piping


Trunk & branch and home-run piping systems are the two most popular ways to configure PEX tubing for domestic water. The traditional trunk & branch method includes main hot and cold lines that run through a building. Smaller lines branch off the main trunk with tees or small manifolds in order to feed water to fixtures. Home-run systems typically use single hot and cold manifolds mounted near a water heater, from which an individual line runs to each fixture. The intuitive piping setup makes home-run systems popular among do-it-yourselfers, and Viega’s Manabloc simplifies installation. When deciding between these two types of piping, note the advantages listed below and watch our plumbing manifold video for more information.

Advantages of trunk & branch systems:

  • Less total tubing required
  • Higher water pressure during single-fixture use
  • Easier to install in most retrofit applications

Advantages of home-run systems:

    • No fittings usually needed between manifold and fixtures (which speeds up installation and reduces the likelihood for leaks)
    • Ability to have centrally-located shut-off valves for each line
    • More balanced water pressure when multiple fixtures run
    • Shorter wait time for hot water in non-recirculation systems

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