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The Toilet Timer: Idea of the Year?

Nick B

Know someone who spends too much time in the bathroom?  Maybe a good friend who loses track of time while playing Angry Birds on the toilet.  (The kids are still playing Angry Birds aren’t they?)  Well if that’s the case then the Toilet Timer might be the product for you!  Motivated by his wife wishing he spent less time on his phone in the bathroom, Toilet Timer inventor Adam teamed up with his friend, Elliot, to make the first one using a 3D printer.  From there some of their friends saw it and wanted one, more people saw those and wanted some, and so on and so forth until now where they’re running a Kickstarter to fund the mass production of the Toilet Timer.  If you want to learn more from them or want to support this dream check out the Kickstarter and open your wallets.  As of writing this they just passed their goal, but they have said any additional money raised will go directly into new features for the Toilet Timer like different sand colors!


Now I know what some of you are thinking, “What makes this any different than a normal 5 minute timer or the one built into the very phone that’s keeping me on the throne for so long in the first place?”  Well my answer for you is… I don’t know.  It is a funny design, and the exact time was scientifically selected by asking three of their friends how long it should be, so their’s that.  It’s going to come down to you and if you feel like this is a worthy investment.  Thankfully they included a handy, and totally unbiased guide to help determine who needs a Toilet Timer.



So what do you think?  Is this your next purchase or are you just going to hope you get one for your next birthday?  Unfortunately the Toilet Timer is not one of  the 90,000 products we carry at, but if you are looking for any other plumbing, heating, or HVAC products check out our selection.  We’ve got almost everything else.




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2 Responses to The Toilet Timer: Idea of the Year?

  1. Adam says:

    Hey this is Adam, inventor of the Toilet Timer. We loved your article!! That’s all. Have a nice day, and if you want some to offer to your customers, do let us know! Great stocking stuffers. ; )

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