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The Great SupplyHouse Dip Off-2017

Nick B

What goes better with football than eating?  Nothing!  And what is better to eat while watching football than chips and dip?  Nothing again.  So to celebrate the biggest football game of year we assembled the biggest collection of dips we could get.  Volunteers brought in their dip based offerings along with their secret recipes for everyone to enjoy.  From dessert dips to the classic multi-layered dips, there was a whole lunch’s worth of them, which I personally took full advantage of.  To put it simply, it was great.

I managed to fit quite a few onto my plate.

I know you shouldn’t eat your dessert first, but these Cannoli, Dunkaroo, and Peanut Butter Cup dips complete with Teddy Grahams, ice cream cones, and cookies to eat with were just too good to ignore.

Obviously we had the classics.  No dip based event is complete without these dips.


And rounding them all off with a little heat came these two tasty additions to the already impressive cast of dips.

As I said above, it was a good lunch.

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Our New Jersey squad also had a delicious showing including a pineapple dip unlike anything I had ever seen before!

Be sure to stop by and check out what we do when we aren’t eating dip: sell a giant assortment of plumbing, heating, and HVAC products at industry low prices.  If you want to learn more about the culture of the company which has Dip Offs and other cool events, stop by the Our Team page (click here).  And finally, if you know any good dip recipes leave them in comments below.

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