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The Future of Leak Detection


uponor, phyn, leak, leak detection, plumbing, plumber, pipes, piping, future, university of washington, belkin international, leaky pipes, leaking pipes, ultrasonic sensors, presssure, flow, temperature, home, homeowner, maintenanceHey all! I’m coming to you today with a game changing product in the world of leak detection. We hear it a lot, “The future is here, today!”


Well, we are going to imitate that with a new product from Uponor, named Phyn. Phyn is a connected whole home leak detection monitor. Developed over the past decade at the University of Washington and Belkin International, this proprietary technology uses high definition ultrasonic sensors to sample the pressure in your plumbing system 240 times every second.


In a one year pilot of over 300 homes across the U.S and Canada, Phyn discovered that over 10% of homes had existing leaks both big and small.


Anyone who’s ever dealt with leaky pipes will tell you, it’s not something you want. Whether it’s a tiny pinhole leak or a burst pipe, water damage can cost a homeowner anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair, potentially even more should your insurance determine you didn’t act quickly enough to preemptively solve the problem. Knowing this how can anyone possibly have peace of mind that their home won’t succumb to such a fate?


Well Phyn is the answer. Phyn uses a patented high-definition pressure wave analysis to alert you the moment a leak is detected. Thanks to a built in automatic shut off feature, Phyn can shut off your incoming water supply, limiting the amount of water damage that can occur. Phyn runs daily tests and checks to keep you up to date on the pressure, flow, and temperature of your system. Ever wonder what your water usage per month or even per day is? Well Phyn can give you a breakdown. A final and perhaps immensely important feature is a built in freeze detection. Phyn uses built-in sensors to detect the temperature of the water in your pipes.


The value of such protection isn’t to be underestimated; we go our whole lives with water systems all around us, not thinking much about them until something goes wrong. With Phyn in your home, you can stop any leaks the moment they happen.


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