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SupplyHouse Stress Test: Milwaukee M12 Airsnake

Nick B

Ever wanted to take your tools and really see what they can do?  Well recently I got to do just that with the Milwaukee M12 Airsnake.  This innovative tool uses compressed air to blast tough clogs out of pipes without having to take anything apart or run a traditional drain snake.  The Airsnake can handle normal clogs no problem (Milwaukee wouldn’t have released it if it couldn’t) but I wanted to see if it could handle some more “unique” clogs.  I won’t spoil the video for you, but what I will tell you is that I certainly made a mess.



Want to run this test for yourself?  Stop by and pick up an Airsnake.  Want to run a test of your own invention?  Take a look through all of our Milwaukee tools along with our plumbing, heating, and HVAC products that will help you get any job done.


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10 Responses to SupplyHouse Stress Test: Milwaukee M12 Airsnake

  1. Richard says:

    clogs don’t come up from the bottom. Put the clogs down the drain and see if it blows them through the trap!

    • Nick B says:

      Hey Richard,
      This set up is made to demonstrate the idea of how the aircannon works. True, the clog wouldn’t neatly be at the end of a pipe, but in the actual situation there would be a flow of water to wash it all out once the aircannon punches through. Plus, we didn’t want to leave bits of muffin and bananas up inside the piping that Milwaukee let us borrow!

      • Richard says:

        The value of the “borrowed”piping is minimal, and if it worked properly, the remaining bits would easily wash out.

        • Nick B says:

          Fair enough, but Milwaukee built this demonstration to prove that the Airsnake could punch out clogs even if they are after a trap and vent. We wanted to focus on that specifically for this video.

  2. Alfonso F. Pestillo says:

    You have not taken into account that a properly plumbed house will have an individual vent tied in at the tee. where is the air going to go. also, if the plug extends to the section of drain between the in let under the sink and tee tee the solids could be projected up the vent discharging onto the roof creating quite a mess to cleanup especially after a good rain, or worst yet jam in the vent pipe now requiring the plumber to clean the vent from the roof. Now try using the air blaster from the roof vent. It will blow the waste material all over your bathroom. And, what of old piping, could it crack the pipe or worst blow the pipe part in a finished basement ceiling. You may not know what it did and now you think the drain is open and you start running water down the drain creating an even bigger mess as you are flushing the drain. Blowing fruit and tomatoes may be cute but very unrealistic. Drains are full of grease, dirt, soap scum, food particles, and other waste products. Once the hole is blown thru the waste how is it going to scour the pipe to efficiently clean the drain completely.

    • Nick B says:

      Hey Alfonso,
      True, the Airsnake isn’t the be-all and end-all plumbing solution. You will have to assess the situation to figure out if this is the right tool for the job. What the Airsnake is great for is turning the messy and sometimes long job of running a snake to clear a drain into a quick and easy paycheck for a drain cleaner.
      Milwaukee put together this demonstration to show that the Airsnake could clear a clog even after an open vent and we wanted to focus on that for this video, while having a little fun with it.

  3. Jon S says:

    Was vet blocked in this demo?

    • Nick B says:

      Hi Jon,
      The vent was not blocked off in the test. We had a 4 to 5 foot long, uncapped pipe that we took on and off to get the liquids in there.

  4. ANDY says:


    • Raquel says:

      Hi Andy, thank you for your comment.

      We recommend you contact Milwaukee directly as your Air Snake seems to be defective. You can reach them at 1-800-729-3878.

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