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SharkBite Swings for the Fences with their Home Run Manifold


When SharkBite comes to bat, they never fail! They’ve made manifolds even easier with what’s called a home run manifold!


So what is a home run manifold, you ask? Well, it’s a system that you run your water on a large—typically ¾”—supply line that feeds into a central manifold. Then, the manifold branches off into smaller port piping for each individual fixture. Even though it requires a lot of pipe to operate a system like this, it will ultimately save customers from using large amounts of water. The key to it all? The port piping requires a smaller, over-all piping, typically ½” or 3/8”.


SharkBite Home Run Systems make our lives easier in so many ways. First off, they are incredibly easy to install. It also uses the signature ½” push to fit connections on the ports and ¾” MNPT threaded supplies. Plus, for those of you who use PEX, CPVC, or copper, you’re able to simply insert your tubing into their respective ports for a quick and water-tight connection. Even if you use Uponor’s expansion method, you can easily use the Home Run manifolds!


Like all of SharkBite, this manifold is made to last! It’s constructed of a durable poly-alloy that has options for brass ball valve ports or poly-alloy ball valve ports. In addition, the brackets are already attached, making your installation work as minimal as installing a few screws.


The SharkBite Home Run Manifold is currently offered in either 12 or 24-port configurations, for use with either brass or poly-alloy connections.


You can find the SharkBite Home Run manifolds at along with all other SharkBite products and everything else you for your plumbing needs!


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