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Poober: The On Demand Toilet Service

Nick B

Charmin is at it again, taking on a new publicity stunt to get TP on the brain in a new way.  You may remember how they made Jake Butt the first NFL player sponsored by toilet paper, but this time they went with a more utilitarian approach.  For two days only at the end of June they unleashed Van-GO, an “on demand private restroom,” onto the streets of New York City.  I wish I would have heard about this before because I would have made the trip just to try it out.  Is that weird?  We live in the on demand age, apps on our phones can get us a ride, food, dates, and hopefully more so in the future, toilets.  Finding a public toilet is hard enough and the ones you do find are typically not the most pleasant.  Poober (Get it, because it’s like Uber but for toilets?  I’m very clever.) is the way of the future.  Why are we not funding this?


Got a toilet on wheels that needs repairs?  Well for any of its plumbing, heating (for those cold winters), and HVAC needs there is no better place than  Just like this service, we bring what you need, right to you!  Just go online and pick from the over 90,000 products we have to choose from.  It’s that easy and in this day and age why settle for anything less?


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