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Plumbing Friend’s House with Beer “Prank”

Nick B

Everyone has been pranked before.  Something annoying, uncomfortable, or even painful done to you hopefully by good friends to get a reaction.  No one likes getting pranked, but as long as it is in good fun what’s the harm right?  Well here’s a “prank” that to many of you would not be the end of the world, even cool for a little bit.


A group of friends from New Zealand teamed up with Tui Brewery to make their friend’s sinks pour ice cold beer instead of boring, old water.  Waiting for the victim to head out for the day, the crew crawled under the home and connected kegs to the pipes leading to the sinks.  They then wired the home with tiny cameras to catch every reaction.  Finally they gained the approval of a master plumber to be sure the beer didn’t feed back into the city’s water supply, hid, and waited.


Once their friend returned home with his wife they quickly discovered their new plumbing feature.  A plumber himself, the friend immediately donned his overalls and crawled under his house and saw the kegs in all their glory.  That’s when his friends let him on their little prank and conveniently shared a glasses to help clear the lines.  Watch the video below to see the entire operation.


Compared to all the pranks I’ve been involved in, this was way more complicated.  If you want to do this to your friend find all the plumbing products you’ll need from us at  We also carry heating and HVAC products if you have any pranks involving that.  Just be safe and careful!

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