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New Faucet Design Saves Water by Creating Beautiful Patterns


A student at the London Royal College of Art has designed a faucet that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps to save you water.


When the water passes through the double turbine, it rotates it into elaborate and lattice-like swirls. By having the water pass through the faucet in this way, around 15% of water flow is reduced.




Simin Qiu, the creator and designer of the faucet called Swirl, has made three different models to choose from, each with varying patterns. Given how sleek and sophisticated the water design is, the rest of the faucet had to follow suit. A single, barely-raised button on the top of the faucet operates it.


His inspiration came from the natural world and the sheer number of swirl patterns that can be found throughout nature. In designing his patterns, Qiu wanted to maintain a vortex motion within his work, displaying vitality through water as well as gentleness through its patterns. By combining this gentle, natural motion with his advanced turbine design, he brought his concept to life in a beautiful and breathtaking way.


In 2014 Swirl won the Design Concept Award, proving that both brains and beauty operate simultaneously in this spectacular plumbing fixture.


Pictures courtesy of Simin Qiu:


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