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Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems



A ductless mini-split air conditioning system includes an indoor evaporator unit connected to an outdoor condenser by a refrigerant line set.  These systems eliminate noise, wiring, and ductwork from the living space and present an alternative to window-mounted units and ducted central air systems.


Most mini-split systems can provide cooling and heating.  Mini-split systems can be installed in single-zone or multi-zone applications.  Single-zone systems consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor condenser.  Multi-zone systems still use a single outdoor condenser, but are made up of 2 to 8 indoor units that act independently.


Wall-mounted indoor units, which are the most common, come with mounting brackets and a wireless remote control.  Ceiling models come in several styles including recessed and concealed.


You will need a refrigerant line-set for each indoor unit that you install.  Line-sets connect indoor and outdoor units, running R410-A refrigerant.  Most mini-split units are pre-charged with enough refrigerant for 25-foot runs.  Longer distances require additional refrigerant.


Be sure to hire a licensed HVAC technician to maintain valid warranty and ensure proper system operation.  Mini-splits look simple but they require highly-technical installations, including electrical work to hard-wire the outdoor unit to a dedicated circuit breaker.  Indoor units receive their power from the condenser using properly sized connecting cables and need no indoor plugs or wires.’s convenient mini-split calculator will help you select the appropriate units for your application based on factors including climate, square footage, and insulation quality.


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Want to learn more about mini-splits?  Click here to read more about Mini-Splits and their History.


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