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Meet the First Female African American Master Plumber in the U.S.


Adrienne Bennett is the first African American female to become a master plumber in the U.S. Her whole life–and whole career–she has faced adversity as she’s tried to rise through the ranks of her trade.


But, with much resilience, passion, strength, and dedication, she never gave up. She is now a CEO of her own company, a master plumber, leader in her community and the trades, and an advocate for safe working environments for women.


She sees it as her duty to help other women in the trades not have to face the harassment and struggles she had to endure. At the young age of 30, she became a licensed master plumber in 1987. Since then, she’s launched her own company in 2008. that she runs with her son. Currently. her company is a part of the restoration of the Michigan Central Station, a former train station built in 1914 that will soon become a hub for Ford Motor Company.



Watch this video from NowThis Her to learn more about Adrienne’s story, her journey, and how she’s inspiring others!



Credit: NowThis Her

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