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Making Connections: PVC to PEX

Nick B

the_gangs_all_hereLooking to connect a PVC pipe to PEX?  Well there are a couple options available to tackle this project.  They range from the tried and true threaded adapters to the fast and easy SharkBite fittings.  Threaded adapters have been plumbers’ choice for years, but SharkBite has recently come on the scene and has quickly gained traction with homeowners and plumbers alike.
















Check out these examples of a threaded adapter (left) and SharkBite fittings (right) in action!


Both applications are fairly straightforward, watch our video below for more details in the process.  When you are ready to do this yourself be sure to visit us at for a wide selection of fittings sure to have exactly what you need.


Want to see more videos like this?  Be sure to check out our video library.
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16 Responses to Making Connections: PVC to PEX

  1. Gregory Lipkin says:

    I am doing a new shower system and I am coming out of the wall with 1/2 in pvc…I need to get to the valve which will be outside the wall with a 3/4 in straight thread connection…can you help me with this application…so basically I need to come off the pvc and 90 degree to the 3/4 connection

  2. Tim Lawton says:

    Can I crimps a pex tube to schedule 40 pvc pipe? Using in a lawn sprinkler application.

  3. Vicki says:

    For a lawn sprinkler drip system: trying to connect an inline valve manifold with a 3/4 inch pvc inlet to a 1/2 inch PEX supply line. Would like to use Sharkbites if possible. I found a 3/4 inch pvc to 3/4 inch push fit sharkbite – now how do I get it reduced to connect to teh 1/2 inch PEX?

  4. Chris Lacher says:

    I just had (yet another!) outdoor standpipe break off from it’s PVC supply line underground. This is a regular, and very annoying, occurrence.
    I’m wanting to find a way to put a flexible joint to make these stand pipes more robust to the occasional bump. Would using a short length of PEX between the steel standpipe and the underground PVC water line work?
    PS we have high pressure, running 90-100 psi.
    PPS If you have any other solutions or best practices, please clue us in! This is a very common problem.

  5. Robert Halpin says:

    I’m transitioning from 1′ pvc to 3/4′ pex in an underground situation. The pex will be run in 1 1/4′ pvc (using it as a conduit for 100′). What would you recommend for fittings at the transition point?

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