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Koala Refuses to Leave Air Conditioned Car


air conditioning, air conditioner, australia, koala, wine, winemaker, vineyard, dog, AC, A/C, news, hvac, heating, cooling, summer, heat, hot, dashboardOn a hot day in Australia, a winemaker got a surprise visit while working outside.


Tim Withrow left his car running and the air conditioning on so his dog could go in and out to beat the heat. But, turns out his pooch wasn’t the only one who had that same idea.


A koala bear snuck its way into the backseat of the car, and refused to leave. “I noticed some fluffy ears in the back seat and saw there was a koala in the car.”


After a bit of a struggle, he managed to gently coax the koala out of the car. But not before it swiped at him and tore up his dashboard.


Like the rest of us, though, the koala was just doing anything it could to stay cool on an incredibly hot day. Watch the video below to see the whole interaction!



Credit: Radio Nova

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