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Jake Butt Loads Up on TP Thanks to Charmin

Nick B

What’s the most perfect endorsement deal an athlete has ever received?  Shoes, clothes, pizza, and all the standards are nice, but what about toilet paper?  For the University of Michigan’s two-time Big Ten tight end of the year, Jake Butt, it was perfect.  Embracing the endless jokes about his name, Butt uses the unique situation to build his personal brand.  Thanks to those efforts he went into the uncertainties of the NFL draft relaxing on a pile of soft Charmin toilet paper (and thankfully I don’t see any flushable wipes).

Charmin saw this as a unique opportunity to endorse an athlete without getting laughed out of their agent’s room.  Loading up a truck they personally brought the toilet paper to Butt.  Sorry, I had to make one childish joke here…



Now Jake Butt has been drafted to the Denver Broncos he can buy as much toilet paper as he likes, but he probably won’t need to for quite some time.

So do you know anyone named Jake PEX?  If so why not buy him a few rolls from us at  Odds are you don’t, but we have all the plumbing, heating, and HVAC products you need so stop by and stock up for your next project.

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