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Hire a Plumber with Facebook?

Nick B

Facebook is what most of us use to stay connected to our friends, keep up-to-date with celebrities, and follow our favorite brands.  It has integrated itself into most aspects of our lives from education (like our seminars) to professional networking (even in the Trades).  Now Facebook is looking to get into the plumber recommendation business!


What Facebook Is Doing
Utilizing their Marketplace, Facebook created a platform where people looking for home service work can search through a ranked list of professionals tailored for their job.  According to a blog post published yesterday by Deb Liu, Marketplace’s VP, they are working with services like Handy, HomeAdvisor, and Porch to give their users rankings, reviews, and credentials on all the local possibilities.  From that list customers can easily connect with who they want, sending a description of the project to multiple pros for quotes.  Picking the best proposal, the customer now has someone coming to their home to fix their problem, all through the Facebook and Messenger apps.  Not even so much as a phone call!


What Does This Mean To Plumbers?

Following the steps of Amazon and Google, Facebook is moving into the home services industry.  Now Plumbers and other members of the Trades have digital options for getting their leads.  More leads, more money, happy plumbers, right?  Not necessarily.  This situation ticks several boxes on the list of things plumbers don’t like: paying fees just for not enough leads, getting in a price war with other plumbers on a single job, making promises on the bill without seeing it themselves, and removing the human element.  The old school mindset common in the industry is that positive word of mouth from quality work creates more than enough jobs, but that was before it was so easy for customers to get a pro online.  More and more people are looking for ways to minimize unwanted human interactions.  Calling to set up appointments is being replaced with these kinds of technologies and contractors need to adapt before it’s too late.


What Should A Plumber Do?
So if you are a contractor, take a look at your online presence, walk through the Facebook Marketplace process and see where you come up.  From there, look into improving your ranking by encouraging your customers to leave reviews on relevant platforms, like Google, HomeAdvisor, and the other services being used to make recommendations.  Even with that it might be time to cave and opt into one of those services, paying their fees.  You might not feel like you need to work on your online presence now, but it’s important to get out ahead of these kinds of things.  When it comes to online rankings, getting in early is a huge advantage.  If you start working on this now you will be very thankful down to road.


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