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Have a Port-A-Blast with Easy Coil Cleaning


Are your evaporator coils looking grimy? Is the efficiency of your A/C unit dwindling because of dirt build-up? Do you need an easy, portable, and storeable solution? introduces you to a patented, professional, and durable coil-cleaning machine by Zephyr: The Port-A-Blaster.


This little machine delivers a pressure-activated pump that will blast the dirt away from evaporator and condenser coils in a small, durable, and lightweight package. At only 11 lbs., the fortified housing is made to last, even with rough usage. It is also built to prevent fin damage and over-spray issues.



The Port-A-Blaster has a handle for portability and a storage cabinet for its multiple accessories (included!): quick connect hoses, a wand, and a trigger sprayer. Plus, there are two pressure settings, attaining stronger user control and allowing up to 140 PSI.


Dirt is a big pain to air conditioners, and it’s an even bigger pain to clean it regularly to prevent build-up. But not anymore–The Port-A-Blast can add a quick, easy step to your coil maintenance routine just as well as it can seamlessly blast away densely collected dirt from an unattended coil. Check out this new tool here.


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  1. i am looking to buy one can i get more ifo and prices?

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