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Got a Stinky House? Give Odor Block a Try!

Nick B

Does your home not smell as good as it should?  It’s not always something you can control, all it takes is a little unwanted moisture growing mold or a particularly adventurous animal finding its way into somewhere it shouldn’t be.  Once these odors start, regardless if they are in your vents or not, they get pulled into your HVAC system and spread around your house.  Now everything stinks, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.  The ClenAir HVAC Odor Blocks from Nu-Calgon will eliminate these pollutants from the air.  It isn’t just a cover up, it actually attacks the compounds that make up the odor and destroys them.  If there is a smelly pile of garbage in your basement this won’t make that disappear, but it will make your other rooms smell better.  Side note, you shouldn’t let trash pile up like that.


The best part about Odor Block is how easy it is to use.  Depending on the size there are more or fewer steps, but it basically breaks down to exposing the compound inside the package to the air by removing it from its bag, cutting slits in the side panels, or simply removing the stickers on the package.  Then you put it in your HVAC unit and let it work its magic. (Disclaimer: This product isn’t actually magic, it uses science.)  Watch the video below to see exactly what you will need to do and to learn all the benefits of the system.

Interested in the Odor Block?  Swing by our website and find the right size for you.  If you need any other HVAC, plumbing, and heating products we will have something for you at  Come by and see for yourself.

If you want to learn about more products, visit our Video Library and see all the videos we have to offer.  We put out a ton of product, How-To, Tips, entertaining, and informative videos, so there’s got to be something you will be interested in.

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