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Giving Back: A Heart-Touching Story Full of Arts and Crafts


SACH, Israel, Thanksgiving, giving back, charity, donate, give back, save a child's heart, medical, disease, condition, congenial, surgery, lego, arts and crafts, supplyhouse, communityThis past Thanksgiving, the data team in Israel once again visited the Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) house, where kids from underdeveloped countries await and recover from heart surgeries. These children suffer from congenial, but treatable heart conditions, yet their home countries do not offer the surgeries these children need to live and thrive. Thus, they embark on a long journey to Israel where they are offered a chance at a fulfilling life.


It is easy to forget that the SACH children have life-threatening conditions – their post-surgery scars and hospital bracelets being the only giveaways. The atmosphere at the house is homey, and we witnessed the unraveling of typical familial scenes, including but not limited to the drama of two pre-teen boys working on a single LEGO set, and an annoyed toddler looking for his mother who was busy cooking a meal for the children.


We came with a variety of art supplies and project examples, intending for each child to work on one or more of the projects. While some kids were interested in the paper cup birds and beaded jewelry we brought as examples, most chose to venture in their own creative directions. My favorite was a little boy who filled cupcake liners with glitter and glitter-glue. We were not entirely sure of the little boy’s vision, but everyone knows that true art can be elusive.


We can only hope that the kids had as much fun with us as we had with them, and look forward to making SACH visits an annual tradition.



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