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Florida Man Dons Riot Gear to Pull an Iguana from Toilet

Nick B

David Adams had a problem.  This problem happened to be a large iguana who decided to hang out in his toilet.  First thing he did, maybe after taking a couple of pictures, was to call pest control. They cautioned Adams to protect his eyes from the iguana’s spiny tail.  So he went to grab the only thing he had to do the job, a gas mask, and decided to not only protect his eyes, but the rest of himself too with a pair of ski gloves, a towel, and a bullet proof vest.  Better safe than sorry, right? Dressed for battle, Adams entered the bathroom to face down the troublesome iguana.  Documenting the entire journey on Facebook, he managed to grab the iguana, carry it outside, and release it with little to no incident.  “He hissed at me and had a couple of jaw snaps, but then scampered away to rejoin the reptilian hordes in our neighborhood,” Adams wrote about his new friend’s departure.  Who says there’s no such thing as a happy ending?


So how did it get in there?  The pest control offered the semi-horrifying idea that while iguanas are not amphibious, they can swim and hold their breath for 5-7 minutes underwater.  So maybe it swam up the pipes and found itself in its porcelain prison?  While I do not know much about Florida toilets I don’t think something that can get clogged up with some toilet paper has enough space to let a big iguana swim up it.  Adams offered a more realistic explanation citing a vent on his roof where the iguana could have Mission Impossibled down.  So maybe seal those up or buy a new one?  Just an idea…

While we don’t sell riot gear to remove a pesky iguana, has almost any other plumbing, heating, and HVAC product you could need.  Why not look at some new vents to keep them out in the first place?

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