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Finding the Right Gas Valve for You!

Nick B

Gas valves are a critical component of many heating systems (If you are using a classic fireplace then you don’t have to worry about them).  They are used to regulate the natural gas or liquid propane needed in the systems.  With their varied applications it’s important to get the right one for your job.


Three Quick Factors

Capacity – the cubic feet of gas or LP

Inlet and outlet size – 1/2″ and 3/4″ are common but you’ll find a wide range of options

Type – Standing pilot, slow opening, step opening, and more


Other Factors

Gas valves and controls must also match the heating system’s fuel type.  Liquid propane and natural gas conversion kits are available if the valve must be converted to meet a system’s requirements.  After the system type is verified, the system’s capacity must be determined.  Whether a normally open or normally closed gas valve is selected depends on the expected usage frequency of the valve.


What About Solenoid Valves?

A solenoid valve uses a solenoid to actuate the valve.  A solenoid is a coil of wire that becomes magnetized when an electric current passes through it.  This allows the flow of water, gas, or air to be controlled with electricity.  Solenoids often have a hole in their center and a protruding metal rod that is pushed or pulled by magnetism when power is applied.  These valves are best for continuous on/off cycling.


If you need gas valves or any other heating, plumbing, or HVAC products there is no better place than  Take a look through our selection and find what you need!


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