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Couple Turns Off Heat for 10 Years


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Let’s talk about our neighbors across the pond for a moment. There’s a couple in England who, over the last 10 years, have saved an incredible £15,000; that’s over $19,000! Their trick? It has to do with their heating practices…mainly that they haven’t used their heat in the past 10 years.


That’s right; this couple has gone 10 years without turning on the heat in their home once. Instead, they opt to dress in (many) layers and even resort to using hot water bottles to keep themselves warm during the extra chilly times.


heat, heating, heating cost, heating tips, save money on heating bills, england, uk, no heat, neil young, bob dylan, cold, cold weather




Because they’ve been doing it for so long, “it feels uncomfortable when I’m in other people’s houses now. It’s too warm for me,” Joanne Bell says. Her and her husband Jim used to spend around £1,500 every year in heating costs. An unexpected upside of their discontinuation of heat: neither one of them have gotten sick in the past decade without heat.


The Bells used some of their newfound wealth to attend Neil Young and Bob Dylan concerts, something they would never have had the chance to do before. Not all of us are up for the challenge of living our lives without heat, but depending how much money you’ll save…would it be worth it?


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6 Responses to Couple Turns Off Heat for 10 Years

  1. robert c briggs says:

    Good for them my wife would shoot me if I tried this.

  2. Sal says:

    That’s remarkable. We are becoming a nation of whimps! Hats of to this English couple for toughing it out. Well, maybe they better leave the hats on, but congratulations are in order. Love the fact that they’ve not been sick in a decade. My concern would be frozen pipes. Way to go!

  3. M says:

    This means no water ?

  4. Dirk McQuigley says:

    I bet things get a little “funky” after a couple of winter months

  5. Cold says:

    If the utility companies didn’t charge so much for natural gas (which is so cheap right now), and electricity, they might be able to turn the heat on? Too many people are doing without the basics because we are all so poor. (For the mechanically inclined, hydronic heating is probally the best bang for your buck. It’s not that had to put in a Pex, and natural gas radiant hosting system. It’s not easy either, but doable. If fir some reason you see this, don’t make your system to complicated. A boiler, primary and secondary piping, pex, baseboards, expansion tank, thermostat, and a CO detector, make sure the flue is functional.)

  6. Richardj says:

    M this is for you
    It doesn’t freeze very often in southern england

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