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Core Values Weeks ’18: Israel Says Cello

Nick B

Core Values Weeks are the handful of weeks we take to focus on our Core Values and have a little fun along the way.  This yearly celebration stretches around the globe with our Israel team putting their spin on similar events.


The Activities
Skill Shares
They held their own skill shares (a popular activity across all of our locations) featuring some unique talents.  Rosie introduced everyone to the cello.  She taught the team the ins and outs of the instrument and even played a song.  The office has surprisingly good acoustics!


Alon gave a lesson on the unicycle.  He demonstrated his talent by riding up and down the street while playing an instrument of his own.  For anyone brave enough to try it, he gave pointers and tips.  It’s just like riding a bike that happens to be missing most of its parts.  He also told the story of his adventure backpacking through seven countries in Southeast Asia while riding on said unicycle.


Thank You Dance

Practicing Teamwork, they performed a custom song and choreographed dance (complete with costumes) for one of our programmers who built a tool that made their jobs a whole lot easier.  I’ll spare them and not include any pictures of this event, but it was very well done and everyone on the programming team got a kick out of it.



Wrapping up their activities, the team returned to the dog shelter they visited last year and helped out again.  It was a favorite from last year because honestly, who doesn’t like hanging out with and helping dogs?


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And with that, we are all done with 2018’s Core Values Weeks.  Our core values hold great importance to us at  They helped build our company and continue to guide us as we grow.  Taking the time to bring us all back to these values yearly keeps us on track with where we came from along with allowing us to have fun and come back to our work reinvigorated.  Stop by today and see how all this plays out to get you all your plumbing, heating, and HVAC products when you want them at the prices you want them for.


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One Response to Core Values Weeks ’18: Israel Says Cello

  1. Ellen Levine says:

    I’m really impressed with the way you celebrate your employees and encourage learning about each other. You must have an amazing team! I know Rosie enjoys working at Supply House (she’s my daughter!). Your team building activities are such an asset!

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