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8 Great DIY “Fixes”

Nick B

They are back and in greater numbers.  Yes, the head scratching “fixes” are still being found and until the human race stops overestimating its ability to do stuff they will continue to be made.  Misguided ingenuity is a defining characteristic of mankind and I for one am glad it is.  So once again I headed to’s DiWHY community to see what has been found recently.  This time I couldn’t limit myself to just five…


The perfect tool for when you value one AA battery being charged over your house not being on fire.


What a weird bathroom.  Who would design it this way?  What kind of person makes a bathroom with no  mirror!?!


When you have no pride in your work but a sweet new roll of duct tape.


The world’s worst Transformer.


I think everyone knows the classic carpentry saying, “Measure never and cut like 50 times.”


Typically electricians are fighting with plumbers on jobs, but sometimes you are your own worst enemy.


Ah, the classic method of attaching a fence to a post.  Building this fence only took 500,000 nails to complete.


All I want to know is which one was put in first and why the second seemed like a good idea.


So there you have it, proof that whatever mistakes you have made on the job could be so, so much worse.  If you see something like these masterpieces out in the wild try to grab a quick picture before you fix it.  Unless it is your own handiwork, which then you should be sure to take a picture.  If you want more pictures like these, swing by and when you have to clean up after someone else’s “fix” go to for all of you plumbing, heating, and HVAC needs.  We’ll help you set things right.


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