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How do you Clean Air?

Nick B

Your HVAC system pumps air through the entire home.  Every room you spend time in has been touched by its work.  So what happens when this system smells bad?  Your entire home smells bad, that’s what, and no one wants that.  Instead of covering it up and spot treating the smell room to room fight it at the source with Nu-Calgon’s Odor Block!


This product goes to the source of the smell by attaching to the HVAC’s air filter and cleans it from the inside out.  With something as important as the air your family breathes, keeping it clean is the clear choice.  If the air coming from the HVAC unit smells bad it isn’t just a comfort issue, it’s a health concern!  This smell can be a sign of dangerous mildew, mold, bacteria, animal decay, chemicals, and other contaminants.  Odor Block fights these harmful issues along with producing better air quality for the entire home even when there is no immediate danger.  Use it in your A/C units, furnaces, rooftop units, fan coil units, mini splits, air handlers, and any HVAC unit that needs a freshening up.  Give it a shot and get back to breathing air you want to breathe.

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