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Your Guide To Apollo Valves…


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We sell a large variety of Apollo Valves, and all have different and unique uses. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular, and some information on their uses…

7710101-1Ball valves:- Used for shut-off and/or purposes of control


Air Cocks:

– Provide an economical way to shut off air lines.


– A small tap or valve that is used to control the escape or entrance of air.


– Can be installed on gas lines to control the release of air.

– Easy to turn on or off, and will save time for any setup.



 Safety Relief Valves:

– Designed to protect against excessive water pressure when controls fail to regulate BTU input


– Have high BTU ratings and are corrosion resistant







Dual Checks:

– Protect residential and commercial water supply lines from back-siphonage or back pressure.


– Come with an atmospheric vent that ensures protection from backflow conditions.


– Carbonated Beverage Dual Checks are designed to prevent contamination from potable water due to backflow when it’s installed on water distribution lines serving beverage dispensing equipment.

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