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Why you Should be Using Uponor’s ProPEX System



What makes the ProPEX system the most-used PEX tool among our contractors?


For starters, ProPEX fittings make permanent, secure connections without the use of torches, glues, gauges, solder, or calibration needed! Having a clean job-site will always impress customers and lead to referrals. They are 100% visual, taking out the guess work of other connection systems like press. Due to the nature of the system, the expanded rings are always trying to get back to their original size, meaning the connection actually continues to tighten after you have left the job!


Propex expander fittings have the largest I.D. of all PEX fitting options, so you can be sure you are going to experience the best flow possible. Uponor ProPEX tubing comes in either brass or engineered plastic, suitable for any application! It’s compatible with Pex-A tubing, and Uponor ProPex fittings meet several standards including complying with the U.S. Safe drinking water act, NSF standards 14 and 61, and is rated ASTM 1960 for use in a variety of applications.


Other reasons it’s popular include the ease-of use. With 5 easy steps, you can have secure connections in seconds:


1)      Square cut the PEX-A tubing perpendicular to the length of the tubing.


2)      Slide the ProPEX Ring over the end of the tubing. Extend the end of the ring over the end of the tubing no more than 1 ⁄16 of an inch (1mm).


3)      Place tool head inside expander system, and expand the pipe and fitting


4)      Slide the tubing and ring over the fitting


5)      Fitting and the Pipe will clamp together and get tighter as it contracts.


Visit our page for more information on our Expander fittings. Also be sure to learn more about the automatic Milwaukee ProPEX expansion tool and how to use the ProPEX expansion system to makes any job easier…



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