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Why A Denim Blanket Is Necessary For Your Water Heater…


ultratouch water heater blanket


Is energy efficient something you strive for? We’re guessing, most likely yes, which is why the UltraTouch Water Heater Blanket makes perfect sense for you!



It is manufactured from 90% recycled denim and is a Class-A building product that meets the highest ASTM standards for fire and smoke ratings, fungi resistant and corrosiveness. Denim Insulation is something that has been created to provide a superior and safe product made from high-quality natural fibers. These fibers have inherent qualities which provide amazingly effective sound absorption and thermal performance. There’s no fiberglass itch and it’s easy to install and great for the environment.



This product should fit most water heaters with a maximum 60 gallon capacity, but depending on the dimensions of your specific water heater, you may need to use 2 blankets for effective total insulation. The recycled denim fibers are treated with a non-toxic solution which is then “flash-dried” to ensure the strict quality standards are upheld. There are no harmful chemicals or irritants and it has a natural biostat that actively stops the growth of any unhealthy mold, mildew, bacteria or fungi.



The UltraTouch Blanket also has an extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient which means it can be used to reduce airborne sounds such as traffic, radios, television and even conversation. It really does have a ton of uses, without any of the harmful effects of alternative insulation options. It’s 100% recyclable, reducing potential landfill waste, meaning that using this product has a real impact on the environment.

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