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Who’s This Bathroom For?

Nick B

When there’s one bathroom for men and another for women the signs to tell you which is which should clearly tell you which is which, right?  Seems like a simple qualification for the bathroom sign to do literally the only thing it is made to do, but that is not always the case apparently.  English journalist and TV host, Susanna Reid, came across this head scratching bathroom sign and thankfully decided to share her confusion on Twitter.

And Twitter was equally confused.  The round head could be that of a bald man, or a hair-do of a woman.  The torso could belong to a broad shouldered man, or be a flowy blouse.  The legs, well they are just legs that can belong to anyone.  No one was able to confidently decipher the symbol and she wasn’t just waiting around so she took the 50/50 risk and well…

After making a quick exit she went around the corner and saw the sign’s companion, clearing up the issue.

As a pair the signs work adequately, but when a sign’s only purpose is to tell people what bathroom it represents the sign should be crystal clear, even on it’s own.  I’ve heard that including words often helps people know, but I’m not a sign maker so what do I know?

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