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Want to Talk to your Toilet?

Nick B

Have you ever found yourself standing in your bathroom thinking, “I really wish I could talk to my toilet”?  I would like to think that we all have been there and now, thanks to the bright minds at Kohler, we can!  Earlier this month they chose the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil their masterpiece, The Numi.  Linking up to Amazon’s Alexa, now when you want to flush all you need to do is ask.  That’s not all, the smart toilet boasts an auto open and close for it’s lid, a heated seat, a multi-hued nightlight, and built-in speakers so you can jam out to “Takin’ Care of Business” while you are taking care of business.  Craft a personalized toilet profile so that your bathroom break is fined tuned to perfection.


Personally, I’m all for that.  In my apartment I can talk to my TV, phone, lights, and hopefully soon, my toilet.  There’s just one slight problem: the cost.  To gain a bathroom buddy of your own you will need to be willing to part with $7,500! (or $9,750 if you want it in black)  Also it’s not even widely available yet.  There’s an application you need to fill out to be alerted of it’s availability.  One of the questions in it is one of those “I’m not a robot” checks which I think is a little bit of a hypocritical thing for a robot toilet to ask.  Even with all that, I think it’s still almost worth it just to be able to mess with my friends when they are using my bathroom.  “Alexa, turn the toilet seat as hot as it goes and don’t stop flushing until I say.”

Unfortunately we don’t carry this smart toilet (we did experiment with making one once) but for any other plumbing, heating, or HVAC products, be sure to check out  We might not have bathroom fixtures you can talk to, but we do have a great support staff ready for your call.


UPDATE: The Numi can play the video game Skyrim.  Learn more on how this is possible here.


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