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Update: Kind Plumber Finds Love

Nick B

Some of you may remember a blog post a couple months ago about a Plumber’s Small Gesture that Went Viral, but the story doesn’t end there!  In case you need a reminder, Andy Sullivan of the UK plumbing company Leak Busters was working on the job when he noticed a sad looking, elderly lady across the street.  Wanting to cheer her up he sent her some flowers.  He thought that was the end of it but an appreciative daughter of the sad lady posted a picture of the flowers on Facebook.  The post gained some traction and the rest is history.  That very same plumber’s good karma has paid off.  According this article on a local news source, the plumber is now seeing the very same florist who he ordered the gift from.


Meeting for the first time on that fateful day, they only talked enough to order the flowers and left it at that.  But over the next month they kept randomly bumping into each other.  Deciding that this wasn’t a coincidence but fate, they went on a date and got to know each other.  They found out that they were very similar and shared an instant connection.  If you want all the details go to the article I linked above, I just wanted to do this follow up to show that it’s worth doing good things for one another.  Andy still carries out random acts of kindness, they both found each other, and the elderly lady from the first post got some nice flowers.  All it takes is one small kind gesture and many people’s lives can be improved, so why not give it a try?


At not only do we sell over 90,000 plumbing, heating, and HVAC communities, but we Give Back and live by our Core Values.


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