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Turning Your Phone into an HVAC Tool Is This Easy…


AAB Airflow Balancing Meter for Smartphones

Step one, own a smartphone.


Step two, purchase the Automatic Airflow Balancing Meter- a $39.95 investment that will change the way you work.


Step three, download the free app from the Apple or Google app stores.


And Voila! Is the job easier yet?

The ABM-100 Airflow Balancing Meter is a pocket-sized anemometer that plugs directly into your smartphone’s headphone jack, and in collaboration with the app its extreme accuracy converts air speed into air volume. All you need to do is enter the grille or duct dimensions into the app, and then hold it up to the opening, at which point your phone will take over and calculate everything for you, quickly and efficiently. Calibrated at the University of Florida’s Aerospace Engineering Department, it is accurate to +/-0.5% of the reading at up to 15° off-axis, which should mean goodbye to anymore inaccurate readings! It even automatically generates emails with detailed reports, which is ideal for personal and professional use.


There is more!


The SPM-100 Smartphone Static Pressure Meter is also pocket-sized, but this dual port manometer harnesses the power of your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart technology which connects more than 20 times faster than regular Bluetooth devices, whilst using a fraction of the power, saving your battery.

SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer

The complimentary app provides onscreen guidance for several tests including Static Pressure, Pressure Differential, Indoor vs. Outdoor Pressure and System External Static Pressure. It even automatically imports local weather data to help calibrate and increase the accuracy of its measurements! The SPM-100 comes with rugged housing with a magnetic back for hands-free operation, and it will also generate detailed reports to help validate any work done.

With more products and features on the way, you can be sure that AAB and its HVAC Smart Tools will help you with the analysis and control of airflow in buildings.

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  1. Do you selling tools for trouble shooting HVAC,like electronic freon measure with thermometer or scale

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