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TradeLife – A Fitting Tribute


Plumbing, baseball, and a tightly-knit community formed the basis of a lifelong friendship. Meet Porky: a baseball fan who honored his recently deceased childhood friend, Roy, in a uniquely appropriate way. Although flushing Roy’s ashes down toilets at 17 baseball stadiums and venues across the country might seem odd, Porky knew the tribute made perfect sense based on Roy’s personality and dedication to plumbing.





Porky and Roy

Porky grew up in Astoria, NY with his best friend Roy, who would become a local plumber, by his side. Porky and Roy were always big Mets fans, but unfortunately on Opening Day in 2008,
Porky’s friend Roy passed away. When Porky heard about the news, he paid a visit to Roy’s mother, and asked if he could have some of Roy’s ashes. As a way to commemorate his best friend, he thought it would be a great idea to travel to different baseball fields to spread Roy’s ashes.





A Fitting Tribute
At first, Porky wasn’t sure how to best commemorate his friend, but then it hit him. Porky walked into a bathroom and flushed Roy’s ashes without a second thought. You might be thinking ‘well that definitely is not the most traditional way to spread someone’s ashes’, and you’re probably right. But his made perfect sense for Roy. Roy was a plumber who loved Baseball, so flushing his ashes down the toilet throughout different baseball stadiums just made sense.








To learn more about this fitting tribute, check out the full story in the video below!

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