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Thief Steals Church’s A/C Unit, Contractors Save the Day

Nick B

Earlier this year a Colorado’s church was the target of thieves.  They didn’t steal money, small valuables, or computers, but instead targeted the A/C unit.  The intercity ministry, known for their community outreach programs, was unable to shoulder the financial burden of replacing the stolen building wide and window units, leaving their members to endure the mid-August heat.



This is when The Heat Depot stepped in.  The local HVAC company was familiar with with the church and saw the story of the original theft on the news.  Stepping up to the task, they general manager had his team replace the main unit, took care of any damaged coils, replace the stolen window unit, and throw in three more window units to help them out.  As for future thieves looking to score, the team installed security cages around the new units protecting them from a quick grab.  They  saw an opportunity to right a wrong and help their community, leaving it better than how it originally was.  Watch the video below to see the full story.



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