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The Ultra-Fin Radiant Heating System


PEX pipe suspended in joist bays below a subfloor can be used to create convection currents in the bays if installed with proper air gaps and insulation. Its affordability and compatibility with relatively high fluid temperatures make the suspended pipe installation method popular for retrofit in-floor hydronic heating systems.

The Ultra-Fin system enhances suspended-pipe installations. Ultra-Fin plates attach to 1/2” PEX or 1/2” PEX-AL-PEX, with their louvers creating even convection in the joist. Use 3” tube hangers to hang tubing in standard joist cavities and 2” hangers in short cavities or when heavy insulation needs to be put in under the pipe.

Ultra-Fins provide greater water temperature flexibility and the opportunity to use significantly less tubing than other radiant heat installation methods. Additional benefits include reduced labor time, the ability to integrate with baseboards or radiators, and the chance to run tubing parallel or perpendicular to the bays.

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