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The NuTone 682NT Ventilation Fan: Breathe Easy


Do you have a small enclosed space such as a bathroom or utility room where running ducts for a standard fan is impractical?  Do you need odor elimination in a windowless room?  If you answered “yes” to either, the Nutone 682NT can be the solution.


The 682NT offers easy installation by attaching a mounting bracket to a joist or stud.   The fan housing then snaps into the bracket and the fan is wired to standard 115 volt service.


The 682NT uses an easily replaceable charcoal filter to capture dust and odors.   Charcoal traps air impurities by chemical attraction when airborne particles pass across the carbon in the charcoal.   While this will not remove excess humidity as a traditional fan would, it will circulate and purify the air.


The filters will last 60-90 days if the fan is run continuously and potentially longer if the fan is run less frequently.


The fan can be controlled via a wall mount variable speed switch accessory such as the 57W (White) or 57V (Ivory).


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