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The New White Rodgers Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat


Due to their basic functionality, traditional low-voltage mercury or mechanical thermostats require no outside source of power. Digital thermostats need energy in order to power their displays, but batteries can generally serve as the power source in the absence of a dedicated power line (normally referred to as a “common” or “C” wire). Wi-Fi thermostats offer the unprecedented chance to control thermostats remotely and on smart phones, but internet connectivity demands more power than batteries can provide. The resulting requirement for a common wire on most Wi-Fi thermostats can present a major obstacle to the installation of Wi-Fi thermostats in retrofit applications.

The new White Rodgers Sensi Wi-Fi programmable thermostat does not require a common wire when used in heat/cool systems, making it possible to replace old thermostats with ease and gain remote access without running new wires. In H/C systems, two AA batteries can supply sufficient power, and an optional common wire would allow the display to be lighted at all times. The Sensi works with stylish iPhone and Android apps, which are able to control multiple thermostats and modify system settings and schedules. The Sensi works on zones with up to 4 heat/2 cool and is backed by a 5-year warranty. Additional features include storage of contractor contact information, fan control, and an easy-to-read display. Find the Sensi and other White Rodgers thermostats on


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