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The Israel Team’s Horse-Power Corporate Workshops


We arrived at the office on an abnormally hot day knowing only that we had an outdoor workshop with an emphasis on communication.  From the office we traveled north of Tel Aviv to a farming town, Gan Yoshiya, which refreshed our appreciation for life outside the big city.  There we gathered in a yurt to learn about what we would be doing that day.


Leah, who was leading the workshop, had a brief introduction and asked the group what communication meant to us and how we think good communication is demonstrated.  We were then introduced to three horses and asked to choose one we felt the most connected to.  After choosing our respective horse we were led to a large pen.  There we were asked to attempt to lead our horses.  The more competitive amongst us were quick to learn that bribing with food was prohibited during this activity.


Naturally the majority of us struggled at first.  However, Rosie was the star of the day.  She had chosen Junior – the horse we all assumed to be the alpha male.  Rosie quickly learned that Junior was being led by his female counter part, Elizabeth – and in getting Elizabeth to follow her, Junior was not far behind.  Later Mushu, a smaller horse, was introduced and appeared to be an easy target with all of us assuming that he was young and naïve, he was however fully grown and very stubborn – Adam eventually persuaded Mushu that he was worth following.


We were then asked as a group to pick a horse and guide the chosen one over an obstacle set up in the pen – without using verbal communication.  After a failed first attempt we regrouped with Leah and succeeded with reasonable ease.  Leah explained that because in our natural setting we are all used to individual tasks – it was more natural for us to have our own role in leading the horse – however once we tried as a team the horse was much more willing to cooperate.


After a day filled with accidental suntans and horse whispering, a lot was learned.  We were all eagerly awaiting to see what the secret was to get the horses on our side, however there was not one.  We learned that communication has many different levels and each situation is different.


Here at we have activities like this one to help bring our team together and make the best experience for our customers.  Stop by when you need any plumbing, heating, or HVAC products!


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