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The Calci-Free Tankless Water Flush Kit from Rectorseal


The Calci-Free Tankless Water Flush Kit from Rectorseal is a complete system that cleans and restores tankless water heaters. It eliminates lime scale and other contaminants that build up on the walls of heat exchanger tubes over time and block the flow of water. The Flush Kit includes all the equipment needed to pump and circulate the Calci-Free flushing solution.

The Flush Kit comes with a heavy duty submersible utility pump with a 3/4” GHT connection. There is also a 7’ feeder hose with swivel fittings, a 7’ discharge hose, an elevated pump strainer, and a container of the Calci-Free solution.

Calci-Free Flush is an effective chemical cleaner containing a unique combination of organic and inorganic compounds, as well as patented corrosion inhibitors. It is fast acting, simple to use, and will clean circulation coils and restore water flow and pressure. There is no strong odor, and it is biodegradable.

As with any chemical application, please read directions and warnings on the label before using, and wear safety goggles and rubber or plastic gloves.


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