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The Beast from the East Can’t Stop Band of Builders

Nick B

Sadie Jenkins is a two year old toddler from the UK who has already had to overcome a variety of obstacles in her life.  At birth she faced a range of complications that left her hospital bound for 10 months.  After all that, Sadie finally was able to come home, but still required special care and a breathing tube.  With the limited time and resources at their disposal the Jenkins made it work, creating a temporary bedroom in their front room that would accommodate her needs until she was able to sleep in her upstairs bedroom.  All this while working and taking care of their other daughter, four year old Isla.  They were able to make due, but could only do so much.  This is where Band of Builders stepped in.


Band of Builders is UK based organization of tradesmen, for tradesmen.  Providing support for each other from simply providing a space online for them to talk to utilizing their skills to take on larger scale projects.  Sadie’s father is one of their own, a plasterer who has volunteer with the organization before, so it was no question that they were going to lend a hand.  Paying for the Jenkins take a week long vacation (their first since Sadie was born) the team went to work.


Just one more hurtle: right when everything was set to start, the winter storm publicly dubbed “The Beast from the East” hit.  Bringing snow, ice, bad roads, and below freezing temperatures, this storm was not ideal for the project, but the crew was not fazed.  Utilizing blowtorches to defrost the ground, the public’s help to clear the roads, and communal determination, they were able to get the job done in just eight days!  They installed a downstairs bathroom, for Sadie’s carers to use while watching her, painted the walls with state-of-the-art plaster that will help Sadie breath easier, installed a new boiler, completely redid the back yard, making it more accessible Sadie to play, gave the girls’ room a complete makeover, and remodeled and fine tuned the rest of the home.  All things that will help the Jenkins and needed to be done, but would have been impossible for them to take on their own.


The Jenkins were moved by Band of Builders and their community’s efforts, coming together to help their family.  Together they were able to make Sadie and her family’s life more comfortable, giving them the home they’ll need raising Sadie and her sister.


Groups like Band of Builders are what make the Trades a unique community to be a part of.  Everyone looks out for one another and are not hesitant to use their skills to help each other out when needed.  If you want to learn more about Band of Builders be sure to check out their website and if you would like to learn more about this project and see more pictures of their work, check out this Daily Mail post.


We at believe that giving back is an important part of being in our industry.  It is one of our Core Values and we have even highlighted a Contractor Giving Back before through our Trade Life series.  So whether you are working on a charity project or one of your daily jobs, stop by for all of your plumbing, heating, and HVAC needs.  We’ll help you get the job done right.


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