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The A.O. Smith Vertex: Now Energy Star Rated


A.O. Smith Vertex water heaters provide a unique combination of output and efficiency. The 50-gallon tanks use 2ā€ PVC vent pipe and are available with direct vent and power vent exhaust discharge configurations. Direct vent Vertex heaters can be ordered for either natural gas or propane fuel sources. Vertex water heaters can operate at 96% efficiency thanks to their ability to condense flue gases. Last month, the Vertex became the first tank-style water heater with a BTU input rating above 75,000 to receive Energy Star certification.

High BTU inputs allow the Vertex to provide unmatched output (164 gallons in the first hour for direct vent models) without taking up more space than standard tanks. An LCD screen makes setup and temperature setting easy, while providing performance data and troubleshooting assistance. Vertex heaters can be used in hydronic heating applications, with side tappings to simplify connections in dual-use installations.

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