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The 5 Benefits of Using PEX Tubing





1. Price – PEX is about a third the price of copper. Even with the additional investment for tools you may need to install fittings, PEX will still end up being the cheaper route.




2. Speed – The connections are generally quicker and easier to make with PEX than soldering copper.


3. Durability – Copper can corrode over time, and PEX is unaffected by acidic water.



4. Safety – PEX is less likely to burst in the winter. The installation is also completed without open flames, making it much safer on the job site.


5. Flexibility– Because the tubing is flexible, it can turn 90 degree corners without the need for elbow fittings, requiring fewer fittings than rigid piping. It can also be installed in long runs without the need for couplings.

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  1. Richard says:

    flexability and ease of use.

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