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Take The Reigns on Your HVAC Systems With KMC Controls


KMC Controls



Your destiny is in your own hands, and KMC Controls makes it a whole lot easier to shift your HVAC destiny in the right direction! Designing and manufacturing HVAC control systems and building automation systems since 1969, KMC Controls can help improve occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption in buildings.

Two-Way Globe Zone Control Valve

The CSC-2000 series of Pneumatic Reset Volume Controllers are for use on VAV terminal units on HVAC systems, and are sub-master air velocity controllers with adjustable limits. These are available as direct acting models for normally open VAV units, or reverse acting for normally closed units. The CSC-3000 series is a multi-function controller for use on heating or cooling systems with VAV units and thermostats. It’s available with various reset start points, and is intended for new or replacement applications that need direct of reverse acting reset on normally open or normally closed VAV terminal units. Have a browse through our Pneumatic Controls category here.


We have an extensive selection of KMC Actuators, including Pneumatic Damper, Analog, Electric and Floating Actuators. You name it; you’ll find it in our Actuator category, available in a selection of configurations and settings.


The KMC Thermostats section contains thermostats designed for pneumatic controls, available with 1 or 2-pipe connections and designed for proportional control of pneumatic valve and damper actuators in your HVAC system. Models are available for direct or reverse acting proportional action and setpoints can be adjusted using sliders which can then be locked or limited. You’ll also find Electronic Modular Room Thermostats for use with relays or actuators that have high impedance inputs.

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