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Take a Breath

Nick B


Every day we are constantly bombarded by stressful situations and mentally demanding tasks.  From both our work and personal lives we deal with traffic, deadlines, bills, long term projects, short term projects, familial responsibilities, expectations, time management, and so many other things that all take a toll.  The mind is an often neglected part of the body that can become exhausted and run down just like if we are constantly exercising without resting and recovering in between sessions.  Even though we might not want to take the time out of our day, it is important to take a step back, collect yourself, and just…




Meditation is the same to the mind as a proper diet and exercise is to the body.  With everything going on in our daily lives a simple 10 minute break to collect yourself and think about nothing at all can be exactly what you need to work efficiently and not be stressed out.  As part of a month long focus on Unwinding the Mind the team took part in daily, personal meditations and weekly group mediation taught by several instructors.  In the personal sessions we were encouraged to just take a break from the workday and for ten minutes focus on yourself.  We could stretch, meditate, color in intricate coloring books, or just sit in a comfy chair away from the computer.

dsc_4246Our tools were provided.


These sessions certainly took us out of our comfort zones, but it was all for the best.  We all learned how to listen to our bodies better and to simply relax; a skill that not many people are good at these days.  So if you are stressed from work, bills, and life; take a moment to calm down, clear your mind, and just…



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