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Taco Bumble Bee Circulator


The Taco Bumble Bee (HEC-2) is a wet rotor, variable speed “smart” circulator. The Bumble Bee delivers the ultimate 1-2 punch of electrical savings and system efficiency (fuel usage) cost savings. The unique ECM motor design saves over 85% of the electrical energy compared to conventional fixed speed and 3-speed circulators.  The Taco Bumble Bee is fully programmable, and contains a digital display that reveals real time wattage use and GPM flow.  It can determine the exact flow of water that is needed to match changing heat loads.  Its 360° swivel flange and simple wiring makes installation a breeze.

The Bumble Bee can be run in 3 different modes: Delta-T, Fixed Speed, or Set Point

  • Delta-T:  allows the pump to be set at a 5° to 50°F temperature difference between supply and returns sensors. Delta-T mode greatly increases the overall efficiency of the boiler so less fuel is used, which saves money!
  • Fixed Speed:  allows you to run the pump at a specific GPM.
  • Set Point:  allows you to run the pump at a desired temperature ranging from 65° to 200°F.

The Bumble Bee also increases whole house comfort by continuously adjusting its speed.  This delivers the right amount of BTU’s, at the right time, to the right place in the system. The Taco Bumble Bee pump is ideal for hydronic, radiant heat, and snow melt applications.


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