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Studies Show that Your Phone is Dirtier than Your Toilet


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By a show of hands, how many of us use our phones on the toilet? Now one more time, let’s be honest…haven’t we all done it at one point or another? Well, maybe you’ve heard this before, but your cell phone is actually significantly dirtier than your toilet is; seven times dirtier, to be exact.


While this may seem obvious to some and not as much to others, it’s true. An average cell phone contains up to seven times more dirt, germs, and bacteria than your toilet seat, thanks to a new research study. One reason this could be is if you protect your phone by keeping it in a case. Think about it. If you keep your phone trapped in a case, how often do you really clean it? Our phone cases aren’t airtight, vacuum-sealed, NASA grade devices. Dust and other germ particles are bound to find their way in, and once they do, they’re going to stay until cleaned out. When was the last time you actually took off your phone case to clean it? Comparatively, think about how often you clean your toilet seat; once a week, perhaps?






We use our phones so much throughout the course of the day, but how often do we wash our hands when we use it? Germs are constantly being spread onto our devices, and that’s because of this continuous contact. To break it down, a study shows that the average toilet seat has 220 bacteria lingering on it. And a cell phone…1,479 of those microorganisms.



toilet, phone, cell phone, dirtier, Windex, germs, bacteria, toilet seat, clean, research study, phone case

Using a clean cell phone can improve your health


This isn’t to say that you should dunk your phone in a bucket of Windex three times a day—we definitely don’t suggest that—but a simple fix is to use an alcohol wipe once in a while. You can also give your case a good scrubbing down every now and again, too. Wipe off any dirt or dust that may have snuck its way in there, and you’ll not only keep your phone clean, but you’ll also stay healthier, too.

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