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Stiebel Eltron CK and CNS-E Wall Mounted Electric Heaters


New to are the CK and CNS Series Wall-Mounted Electric Heaters from Stiebel Eltron.  The surface-mounted CK heater quickly warms an area and can maintain a comfortable temperature. CK heaters can easily replace existing flush-mount heaters and are perfect for new homes and buildings. The downdraft design heats a space evenly with the extremely quiet built-in fan. The temperature is easily set with a thermostat on the right side of the unit. It can also be operated with a conventional wall-mounted thermostat in rooms larger than 215 square feet. The CK has a frost protection setting that will maintain above freezing temperatures in an appropriately sized space.

The CNS-E wall-mounted convection heaters are modern heaters with a sleek slim-line design. An effective, efficient replacement for traditional baseboard heaters, CNS-E heaters accomplish the same heating task using significantly less room. CNS-E heaters have no fan, and work though natural convection, ensuring draft-free operation. Cool room airflows in the bottom of the unit, are warmed by the heating element, and rises silently out the top to heat the room. With its built-in thermostat, a single CNS-E is perfect as a stand-alone heating system in bathrooms or small rooms. Multiple CNS-E units can be placed strategically in larger spaces and their temperature settings adjusted individually for maximum comfort. If used to replace an existing heater with a separate wall-mounted thermostat control, CNS-E heaters may be wired to use that control. It is also designed with a frost protection setting. The lowest thermostat setting maintains the room above freezing temperatures.

Stiebel Eltron Wall Heaters can be found here.


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